Director of Operations, Strategy & Inventory

The role of the Director of Operations, Strategy and Inventory will be to help lead and build operations that create competitive advantage, drive scalable growth and respond effectively to risks. This includes optimizing the warehouse layout, strategically reducing costs, training/hiring/managing a team to improve warehouse productivity, and improving capital efficiency. 

Specific responsibilities include (but are not limited to): 

  • Optimize the receiving, storage, shipping and order fulfillment process functions at our 25,000+ sqft warehouse 
  • Execute to a performance driven culture with a focus on minimizing inventory loss, improving order fulfillment time and overall employee efficiency, and reducing operational costs 
  • Implement and manage operational plans in support of company’s strategic objectives 
  • Collaborate with Store managers and inventory associates at retail storefronts to optimize regional fulfillment activities 
  • Direct all phases of inventory control and availability; cross check live inventory versus systems inventory, document and fix discrepancies, coordinate and conduct physical inventory counts 
  • Make recommendations on procedures, internal practices, and systems which alleviate present problems or which will enable the company to better carry out its inventory operations 
  • Interview suppliers with the intent of improving service from existing suppliers, or the development of new sources of supply from new supplier candidates. Work to improve and correct problem areas 
  • Responsible for the development of facility budget and monthly forecast updates 
  • Other special projects as needed 

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • A history of hiring, managing, motivating and developing a sales team 
  • Strong analytical and communication skills 
  • Proven track record of success in a proactive selling environment 
  • Familiarity with luxury products and services is preferred but not required 
  • Demonstrated ability to drive performance of team members and consistently hit goals 
  • Ability to excel in a fast paced team environment 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Familiarity with basic CRM system tracking


  • Management consulting, MBA or prior experience running a Distribution Center is preferred 
  • Demonstrates proven intimate abilities in leadership, strategic and creative thinking, problem solving, and individual initiative pertaining to the managerial development of sourcing strategies to help LGS grow by: 
  • Leading the warehouse team to generate a vision and creating an atmosphere of trust, leveraging diverse views and encouraging improvement and innovation
  • Managing a team to a successful project conclusion through the problem ­solving of complex operations issues
  • Managing the planning, organizing and delivery of operations tasks and projects, overseeing independent analyses and establishing the quality of client deliverables;
  • Leading the development and improvement of various frameworks and methodologies within operations
  • Utilizing sourcing diagnostics, future state process development, the procurement process through execution/delivery and savings capture, procurement transformations
  • Building productive and collaborative relationships with team members and proactively providing and seeking guidance, clarification and feedback
  • Communicating effectively in an organized and knowledgeable manner in written and verbal formats. 

Additional Information:  

  • Full time position 
  • Casual dress and relaxed working environment 
  • Other fashion perks!