investing in hermès

written by the birkin fairy, caroline bui


There is something almost mystical about a piece from Hermès. Recent comparisons between a Birkin and the stock market have shed a new light on the upscale brand. Hermès handbags are now being viewed as an investment, not just a purchase. This new perception is supported by the company’s outstanding value, averaging an annual increase of 14.2%, whereas stock returns average 11.7%. Understanding how value is calculated for different Hermès pieces will ensure you make the most informed investment. Here’s what you need to know:

Gold Bag

Gold Courchevel
Leather 32cm Kelly


What you’re paying for:
  • Hermès History: A prototype of the Kelly was introduced in 1892
  • Each Kelly handbag requires 18-24 hours of craftsmanship
  • A feminine design that opens with elegance and grace
What you’ll get back:

The demand for Kelly bags has continued to grow,
therefore resale prices have remained steady.


black crocodile
30cm birkin


What you’re paying for:
  • The ultimate black Hermès handbag
  • A timeless statement of luxury
  • Luxurious crocodile skin
What you’ll get back:

A handbag companion to accompany you along
the most special occasions of your entire life.


35cm Soleil Birkin


What you’re paying for:
  • A beautiful and vibrant yellow colored Birkin
  • Everyone loves an orange box and it’s included
  • A 35cm Birkin is a very desirable size to own
What you’ll get back:

An original Hermès box adds value.
Hang onto it until it’s time to re-sell.


Orange Lindy


What you’re paying for:
  • A wide opening that allows you to find your items easily
  • Unique handles and the ability to be held two different ways
  • Made from durable leather, you’ll feel comfortable carrying this everyday until you’re ready to sell it
What you’ll get back:

This handbag is a great value. It’s priced so far under retail
that you can splurge on a Hermès wallet or scarf to match!

about the birkin fairy

Caroline Bui has an innate comprehension and expertise in the world of luxury goods, which is exemplified through her twenty years of training and working in the industry. She spent thirteen years as the leather and silk specialist at the timeless brand, Hermès of Paris. There, Caroline perfected her knowledge and insight about the exquisite products and craftsmanship of Hermès that she now shares with her clients and the fashion community. Caroline studied Conceptualizing Art and Fashion Design at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (BFA) and at the Parsons School of Design. Caroline is the founder and publisher of a unique blog, aptly named The Birkin Fairy. The interactive site provides expertise, product, and guidance from the perspective of a trusted advisor. Caroline is a true believer in the vision, spirit, and style of Hermès, which she brilliantly emphasizes through The Birkin Fairy.