Baguettes and Bucket Hats: 2000s Fashion Favorites

Baguettes and Bucket Hats: 2000s Fashion Favorites

Welcome to the new millennium! 2000s fashion is instantly recognizable - think razor thin brows, logo heavy statement bags, and ultra low-rise jeans. With these trends popping back up for a new generation, we are looking back on pieces that exemplify the best of 2000s fashion -- just add a flip phone. 

Iconic It Bags

The 2000s were the era of the It Bag. Celebrities and fashion lovers alike relied on these designer pieces to elevate their looks. Ranging from the sporty minimalism of Prada nylon to the more maximalist Murakami or Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton collaborations, there truly was a bag for every occasion. 

Perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of 2000s fashion, Carrie Bradshaw was never without a designer purse. When the Sex and the City character tucked the compact Fendi Baguette and Dior Saddle Bag under her arm, these distinctive bags were launched into cult status. Over 1,000 variations of the Fendi baguette have been produced since its creation in 1997. The John Galliano designed Dior saddle bag was also released in a myriad of materials and patterns, from the brand’s iconic newspaper print to faded denim. Small in stature but bursting with style, petite shoulder bags were everywhere in the aughts. The Prada nylon shoulder bag also achieves this look, with its slightly curved silhouette and subtle triangle logo. With space for just the essentials plus a little more, slip your wallet, keys, smart phone, and lip gloss into your purse and be on your way. Sporting one of these bags is the easiest way to pay homage to the best of the decade. 

Need a bag with a little more room? The Chloé Paddingon and Balenciaga City bags are ideal for the woman who can’t travel light. Created by Chloé’s then creative director Phoebe Philo in 2004, the Paddington bag was a sensation the moment it hit the runway, selling out before arriving in stores. Balenciaga’s City motorcycle bag is a quintessential piece of 2000s fashion, beloved by celebrities like Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, and Mary-Kate Olsen. The Paddington’s oversized padlock and the City bag’s dangling zipper straps ensure that these bags won’t get lost in the crowd. While these bags have different looks, both slouchy leather handbags are practical without sacrificing style. 

Louis Vuitton Collaborations

Though the brand has been a fashion mainstay since the 19th century, Louis Vuitton shook it up for the 21st. Then creative director Marc Jacobs invited Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to put his own spin on Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram motif. Murakami’s signature “Superflat” pop art style combined with the legacy brand’s logo proved to be a match made in fashion heaven. Debuting on the Spring/Summer 2003 runway, Murakami’s Multicolore Monogram was an immediate hit, and the colorful pattern was splashed onto the Speedy, Alma, and other classic Louis Vuitton styles. Followed by other coveted designs like Cherry Blossom and Cerises, the Murakami Louis Vuitton collaborations are the epitome of 2000s fashion and are just as eye-catching today as they were then.   

Louis Vuitton also worked with acclaimed graffiti artist Stephen Sprouse, introducing the collaboration for the Spring/Summer 2001 runway and revisiting it posthumously in 2009. The bold graphics layered over the classic monogram infused the brand with a punk sensibility, and supplied a hip street style vibe that has never gone out of vogue. 

Bucket Hat or Bust

To illustrate the cyclical nature of fashion, look no further than the bucket hat. Created around 1900 by Irish farmers and fishermen, the bucket hat has enjoyed resurgences in the 1960s mod look, the 1980s hip hop scene, and, of course, the aughts. While bucket hats of the 2000s came in all shapes and sizes, from bright fuzzy Kangols to practical cotton neutrals, designers used the simple silhouette as a vehicle for their branding. Logo-plastered bucket hats from Gucci, Burberry, and Dior are iconic examples of 2000s fashion. Today, many high fashion brands are refining their Y2K-era designs - the Dior Oblique motif and Gucci GG logo bucket hats exude a playful opulence, while the Prada nylon bucket hat represents the brand’s understated minimalism. 


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