Meet Our Personal Shoppers: A Q&A with Sarah Crawford

Meet Our Personal Shoppers: A Q&A with Sarah Crawford

LGS Stylist Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford has worked as a personal shopper at Luxury Garage Sale for over 5 years, and she uses her experience in the fashion industry to connect her clients with the luxury pieces they love. Read on to see how Sarah cultivates her laid back British style, why she loves Tracee Ellis Ross, and her favorite pieces from LGS.

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  • Where did you grow up and where do you live now? 

Growing up in the Scottish highlands, although beautiful, didn’t offer a huge amount of long term opportunity or excitement. After living in London for 6 years, I moved to Chicago where I discovered LGS! 

  • How long have you worked at LGS? 

I have worked with LGS for almost seven years; four years in the boutiques and three years remotely.

  • What is your professional background? Why did you decide to become a personal shopper at LGS?

My background in the UK was in luxury retail management, specifically in the shoe industry. I applied for a stylist role as soon as I moved to Chicago. I was really drawn to LGS as a woman-led start up. I loved the entrepreneurial spirit and how everyone in the company was so passionate about the brand and had such in-depth knowledge and genuine love of fashion and resale. 

  • How did you get interested in fashion? 

Since I can remember I have always loved clothes and fashion, flipping through my mum’s fashion magazines, dressing up my Barbie dolls and trying to make my own clothes (with varying degrees of success!). 

  • How would you describe your personal style? 

My style is definitely influenced by my British roots, tending to be more laid back. I love adding one-off vintage and designer pieces to staples like jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Who are your favorite designers? 

I really love vintage Saint Laurent - something I didn’t realise before working at LGS, I just gravitate towards all the YSL we got in! I love mixing in standout vintage pieces from Hermès and Chanel with my favorite contemporary designers Preen, Khaite, and Cult Gaia.


  • Who is your style icon?  

I think Tracee Ellis Ross has the best style, she always looks so effortlessly cool and playful. I also take lots of inspiration from my friends and all of the amazing women in my life!

  • What has been your most exciting moment as an LGS personal shopper? 

It is always exciting when a super rare and hard to find piece gets consigned, I feel lucky to have seen so many iconic pieces of fashion history. It is always very fulfilling to find clients that highly coveted item!

  • What’s your favorite item you bought through consignment? 

It is so hard to pick just one as there have been so many over the years! I would say it’s a toss up between a Vintage Saint Laurent silk shirt with an amazing leopard motif or a pair of huge gold Chanel earrings that were such a great deal! 

  • What are your favorite pieces from LGS right now? 

I love the Limited Edition Louis Vuitton we have been getting recently, the Takashi Murakami cherry blossom pochettes are so cute!


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