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How We Authenticate

hermes bag

Luxury pieces are an investment.

Your investment is secure as we guarantee each and every item we sell is authentic.


Each and every piece in inventory undergoes a rigorous, multi-point inspection by expert authenticators and GIA-accredited jewelry specialists. Only items that have full confidence of legitimacy and authenticity are accepted.

The authentication process begins with a thorough inspection done by hand. Materials, workmanship, details, tags, labels, logos, hologram stickers, date and/or serial codes and other markings are inspected to validate and identify the time period of each item. Research is then conducted on each item’s style and brand, which includes side-by-side comparison’s and critical examination of the following components detailed below:


Luxury pieces are constructed with some of the world’s finest materials. Experts work with and cross-check a wide variety of leathers, furs, and exotic skins, such as mink, sable, crocodile, python and dozens more.

Inspection of Materials

Authentic designer pieces are known for fine workmanship. Logos, prints, stitching and quilting are closely examined and compared to ensure they match up with the designers' standards for quality and craftsmanship. For example, when examining Hermes bags, we look for consistent and precise hand-stitching as one identifier of authenticity.


Products are examined for evidence that any hardware used is accurate in weight and color. Fonts and markings are all triple-checked under magnification for accuracy. Proper measurements and lining specifications are confirmed for each item. Each designer uses details that are unique to its brand.

If you have any questions or concerns over authenticity, contact our customer service team at .

If required, outside authenticators are used to review items for legitimacy.